10 Apps to Save You Time at Work

1. Swipetimes

The Swiptimes app functions similarly to a budget planner only instead of showing you where your money went it shows you were your time went. It can be used to see how much time you spend on individual projects and presents it in a bright and colorful way (like pie charts). This allows you to alter your schedule as needed so that you can allocate as much time as necessary to precise tasks.

2. Idealo

Having an app for price comparison is particularly useful if you are buying products for your office. It helps you by scanning a barcode while you are shopping and compares it to fourteen thousand different online shops in order to find the cheapest price or best deal. It offers you more than that too! You get product information as well as user reviews. This can save you quite a bit of time finding the best deals as a start up.

3. Desk.com

Desk.com is an application that allows you to see your customers in a single spot. This application monitors all of your social media as well as your email so that you can get messages from your clients as soon as they arrive. You can customize your alerts so that you get messages when you want them.

4. SquareRegister

SquareRegister is a creative app that lets you accept credit cards for your transactions. You can plug in the single dongle into your headphone jack on a cell phone and swipe the credit card. If you do not have the dongle on hand you can enter the credit card information manually. It will help you process payments on the go in a secure manner.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a great note taking app as well as an organizational application. It will index the notes you take so that you can find them later on any device. It also lets you snap photos or dictate notes and even make the dreaded to-do list.

6. Mint

Mint is a financial app that is by far the best on the market. It lets small business owners track spending and budgets. You can review your transactions based on the graphs and the automatically organized charts. This lets you keep your finances organized.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is the perfect app for documents and files. It lets you create them and save them so that they can be shared or accessed by anyone later on.

8. CamCard

CamCard is an app which automates the process of exchanging business cards. It is a single solution that allows you to point the camera on your phone at a business card and then immediately grab the data and store it into your address book.

9. Skype

Skype is a great video chat service that is perfect for businesses. It is the perfect video conferencing platform for businesses large and small. It lets you connect with any number of devices not just those who are using the program. With this application you can drop in on your staff meetings from anywhere.

10. MightyMeeting

Mighty Meeting is an app that lets you store your business presentations and access them from anywhere. This lets you share them in a remote meeting in real time or submit them for a presentation at a later date. You can draw charts and graphs in real time too as you are conducting your meeting.

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