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Referrals from Your Customers

Most businesses need new customers and the best way to find new customers is by existing customers giving referrals to you. Sometimes receiving referrals isn't as helpful to your business because they are given by the wrong customers, bad timing for the referrals and even bad referral methods by your company. There is a way to do it correctly and here are 7 ways to reall ...

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Top Houston Submarkets for Office Space

Houston Submarkets to Lease In Office space in Houston has stayed strong through the last few years and is performing above and beyond the national average. As more office buildings are built inside the loop, office space is becoming easier to locate and helping the markets rise and have excellent performance. Below we will review the top Houston submarkets to lease offic ...

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Greenspoint District is Growing

Have you been thinking of moving into the Greenspoint district? Greenspoint is an international destination only minutes from Bush Intercontinental Airport and the Port of Houston. But what makes this location unique? Greenspoint district is actually a gateway to other parts of the world. With Houston being a huge part of the global economy in foreign trade, there are man ...

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Seven Ways to Start your Day off Better

Make your day better with seven easy tips to keep your mood positive and start your day with optimism. Instead of waiting for your last snooze alarm to go off, get up a little earlier. For most, this is the hardest part. We love to sleep until the last possible second, but in reality you will be more tired if you keep hitting the snooze button rather than getting up. Usual ...

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Accounting Tips to Help Save Money

Having unorganized receipts all over the office and in your desk drawer isn't the best way to start off the new year in your business. To organize your accounting from the beginning will help you when it comes to tax time and will help you with your bookkeeping throughout the year. To begin the new year think about what your business needs by looking at these tips below. ...

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