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Seven Things to Look for When Leasing New Retail Space

Want to find the best retail space for your store while staying budget friendly? Look for these seven things before you sign any lease. Location The first thing to do is pick a location. Prime location for your retail store is near a high-traffic intersection or shopping center. You are likely to get more traffic in these areas, because potential customers will drive and w ...

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Benefits of Shared Desk Space

Traditional offices have worked hard to segregate every employee. Each person is given a desk or a cubicle. In either situation, the person is taken away from others around them and placed into a private place where they are forced to work alone. Some companies spend thousands of dollars each year on offices and desk space that never gets used, and they limit the creativit ...

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Food Solutions for a Healthy Office

Finding Food Solutions the Right Way When you are stocking an office kitchen it is important to keep the shelves and the fridge full of healthy food solutions that won’t break the bank but will also keep employees motivated. Almost every office has a break room or kitchen of some kind in which healthy food solutions can be integrated. Instead of stocking the shelves wit ...

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Settling on Office Space Rental

Some businesses that are looking for an office space rental might need to take out a business loan. Before doing this, business owners should consider the key issues faced by small businesses. For small business owners seeking an office space rental they should know that first, their company will have two methods of raising their capital and these include equity contributi ...

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