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Five Notable Office Buildings in Texas

You know the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” You may or may not agree, but there are definitely some large, beautiful, and interesting office buildings throughout the state. Finding the right office space for your company can take some time and dedication to the subject. There are few things better than feeling at home when you are actually at work, and that ...

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How to Transform an Old Office into a Super Office

Does your current office space seem bland, boring, or disorganized? The look and feel of your office isn’t just about appealing to an important client who also happens to appreciate interior design. Your office design affects productivity and morale in big ways. The right setup encourages alertness, collaboration, and innovation in the workplace. Before you begin a renov ...

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Importance of Creative Space in the Workplace

Creativity is imperative in the workplace no matter the business. Whether your company is trying to sell products or advertise for other companies, creativity is the foundation for success. Creativity is what drives employees to think and work with what resources they have. It is what helps them identify and solve problems. Encouraging creativity alleviates the mentality o ...

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How You Can Save on Office Expenses

How to Save on Office Expenses When it comes to office expenses there are multiple ways in which you can save money. The first deals with the premises itself. The second deals with office furniture and equipment. Small businesses in need of saving money can use a flexible office space in order to save time and money. If your company has been downsized or you are just sta ...

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How to Calculate the Square Feet Needed for Office Space

Where to Begin? When you are starting a new business, or your business is in need of some reconfiguration, you may need a new office space. But where to begin the search? Before you sit down with your real estate agent, it will behove you to do some basic calculations for office space so that when your agent asks what your requirements are in square footage, you can give ...

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