2015 Business Trends Take Advantage of New Technology

Office designs are moving closer to looking like libraries with café tables, couches, stand-up work desks and changes in lighting.  Since technology lets you work from anywhere, offices function more as a place to collaborate, connect and maintain focus.  In fact, office space appears to be shifting towards providing a space where employees can concentrate as well team up.

2015 business trends has business is going local, incorporating geo-location with inexpensive mobile advertising and marketing campaigns to attract customers.  New mobile payment services such as Goggle Wallet and Apple Pay are driving adoption of point of service systems that support them.

For businesses with limited marketing budgets, content marketing will become more critical in 2015. Companies will collaborate with writers and journalists to connect with customers and move away from product-focused messaging.  Personalization and transparency will attract and retain customers.

In 2015, businesses will continue bring-your-own-device practices but with more caution.  Instead of allowing employees to store data on their devices, businesses will use the cloud for storage.  The cloud offers more data security in cases of stolen, misplaced or broken devices and enables companies to prevent data access from those no longer employed.  60% of businesses feel that mobile applications are central to their operations.   As cloud type data storage and mobile applications join together, organizations must integrate enhanced security protection.

Advances in 3D printing will allow small businesses to inexpensively produce prototypes and one-offs for their customers.  For those companies reluctant or unable to invest in a 3D printer, they can outsource with online and local shops which offer in 3D printing services.

Alternative sources of business financing will enter into the lending and investment arena.  Despite the recovering economy, banks often are reluctant to extend financing to small businesses.  This vacuum encourages the entry of peer-to-peer financing, merchant advance lending and crowd-funding.

Big data will play a larger role in small business marketing.  The resources of the cloud will enable small businesses to incorporate the data they’ve amassed to better understand their customer and optimize their marketing.  Improvements in user interfaces, and automated IT systems are expanding adoption of big-data tools and improving employee decision-making.  As companies learn how to work with big data, they can refine their product inventory, scheduling, pricing and promotions to better engage their customers.

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