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Location, Location, Location is Most Important to Retailers

Looking for retail space is probably the most important decision that a business owner will make. And within that decision where you decide to locate your company will have as much to do with its success as what goods or services that you provide. Finding retail space that will put your business in the best possible position to thrive is key to its survival in a competit ...

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Top 10 Business Trends of 2015

Everyone is asking the same question, what are the 2015 business trends? Most business are looking to increase sales, and make their place of business a better place to work. For the ones that follow these trends, they have a good chance of making it happen. According to Forbes, this is the list of the top 10 trends of 2015: The Role of Salespeople Will Evolve: times ...

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Office Amenities That You Cannot Do Without

The day has finally come, and you are moving. You have worked in your home office long enough, and you have finally found the perfect office space. You have done all of your homework to make sure that this space has everything you need. Now it's time to check on the office amenities that will make your space just right. Office Amenities Control of the Thermostat: There ...

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How to Use Color Psychology to Improve Office Space Productivity

Color has a profound effect on our mental and emotional states. It can even alter our perceptions. For example, painting a room interior with warm colors such as orange causes people to feel warmer while using cool colors such as blue make them feel cooler. This effect has been used to save on heating and air conditioning costs. The stimulant effect of coloring a placebo p ...

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Considerations for Maximizing Office Space Productivity

Ensuring that your office space layout is conducive to high productivity requires consideration of many factors including the nature of the work, the corporate culture, and the management level of the people. While the optimal workspace can vary among the different types of employees, there are a number of considerations that universally apply to all situations. Concen ...

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Leasing Office Space: Common Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes every now and then, even though most of us do not want to admit it. Mistakes are all part of the life that we live; no one is perfect. When mistakes are made when it comes to leasing office space, those mistakes can be quite costly. The mistakes could end up costing you large amounts of dollars. Here are a few common mistakes that many tenants make ...

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