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4 Easy Ways to Instantly Enhance Office Space

A good office starts with a prime location, efficient layout and ample space for your crew and other business needs. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Your company can make a few easy improvements that instantly transform an office from good to great. Refresh the Air Ever hear of occupational allergies? These sensitivities are not uncommon, and they can erupt from t ...

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Red Flags to Avoid When Renting Commercial Space

Just as an experienced agent, solid property management company and good location are recipes for commercial leasing success, a few others can be a recipe for disaster. These red flags include inexperience, emotion and an inflexible landlord. Inexperience When it comes to commercial leases, just any old lawyer won’t do. You want a real estate pro experienced at han ...

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How a Sunlit Office Improves Employee Health

Corner offices provide much more than a spectacular view. They can actually be good for your health. Two different studies examined the effects of natural sunlight on two different sets of employees, finding consistent exposure to natural light can do wonders for productivity, sleep, mood and a person’s physical and mental health.  Workers and Windows A study pub ...

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Tips For a Great Grand Opening

Whether you have been dreaming about this day for weeks, months, or even years, opening your own business is very exciting. It can also be scary. Many businesses dream about big grand openings. You may not think that you should have a grand opening but why not? Don’t you want to jump start your business? Here are some ways to have a great grand opening! Plan ...

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