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What Percentage of Your Sales Can You Expect to Go for Rent?

If your business makes $1 million per year, that’s terrific. But if your annual rental costs for your prime commercial real estate is $999K, your profits are suddenly not all that great. While our example may be a bit far-fetched, it’s not unusual for businesses to end up with leases that constantly gobble up a large portion of their profits. Calculating Rent Based on ...

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How Long Does It Take to Lease a Commercial Space?

Even if you’re itching to get out of your existing office space tomorrow, your actual move to a new space will take a shade more time. In fact, the commercial leasing process can last anywhere from several weeks to a full year, depending on the length of each of the multiple steps you’ll need to take. Figuring out your office space needs: One to three weeks Here you ...

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