5 Steps to Start Your Office Search

You’re running out of space. Your business is growing by leaps and bounds, but the office space you occupy hasn’t changed since move-in. But the task of searching for a new home for your business seems daunting.

At Hartman, we understand. Since 1983, we’ve helped hundreds of growing businesses, of all types find the best fit for their new location. Before you convert that storage closet into an office, or cram another intern into that overcrowded cubicle, maybe it’s time to solve today’s problem by relocating your office.

We’ve compiled a quick checklist to make your search for a new space for your business easier. If you have any questions or need assistance, our kind and well-trained staff is ready to help.

Step 1: Research
Before looking for an office, you should carry out proper research — both internally and externally. First, take into consideration the square footage you currently occupy and the company’s expected rate of growth over the next three to five years. Think about where the majority of your employees live and take into consideration the part of town that may best suit your company’s needs. Finally, think about your company’s specific infrastructure or architecture requirements. Some companies need large open-concept space, while others require many separate offices. Hartman has all types of space available and offers professional build-out services through our in-house construction team, making the transition a snap.

Next, turn your search outward. Check online for available offices around you. Take into account details of the space, such as the size, location and environment. The office size should accommodate the amount of workspace you will need and suit your business and expected short-term growth. If you are unsure how much space your company needs, you can use an office calculator to help figure out the optimal suite size. After you have created a short list of the best spaces, contact the leasing team and start gathering more information.

Step 2: Budgeting
The second step of your office search should be creating a budget. Our tenants frequently replace aging office furniture and other equipment when they make the move. It’s best to plan for those expenses up front and factor them into the move. Create a spreadsheet and note how much you are willing to spend on rent, furniture, and moving expenses. Without good numbers, it will be difficult to choose a suitable workspace or finalize the move.

Planning ahead and setting a budget can eliminate many surprises along the way and ensure that your business is prepared for the move — both physically and financially.

Step 3: Office Hunt
Next, visit several different offices on the shortlist to see what office space is best configured to suit your operations. Consider if the layout of the space can accommodate your existing workforce and the number of people you wish to hire. Consider what construction or improvements will need to take place and get a general idea of the cost involved.

Step 4: Ask Others for Referrals
It is always good to ask your friends, family, business associates and vendors for referrals, especially if they deal in real estate. If you have chosen an office space in a particular area, ask existing tenants how they like the building, what their interactions with management are like and how well the building is maintained. Hartman has many satisfied tenants who are willing to share their story with potential new tenants. Contact us today if you’d like to meet with a tenant in one of the buildings that might suit your needs.

Step 5: Select Your Office

After you have completed the checklist and chosen an office, it’s time to sign the lease. This is the most important step in the process and you want to be sure you have adequate commercial real estate representation. “We have an entire in-house team of licensed real estate agents that are very knowledgeable about the leasing process”, says CEO Allen Hartman. “Our agents are well-trained and will guide you through every step in the transaction from viewing the space, to signing the lease, to moving into your new office space.”

If you’re planning to start a new business or are looking for another office space, follow the steps above in order to start your office search the right way.  Call us at 713-467-2222 or email us at leasing@hi-reit.com if Hartman can assist you with your search.

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