About Hartman

38 Years of Growth

Over the last 38 years, Hartman Income REIT Management has grown from humble beginnings into a leader in commercial real estate throughout Texas.

Our founder, Al Hartman, leveraged his first real estate purchases at age 27, with a few modest homes and apartment complexes in the Houston area. Since that time, Hartman has stayed focused on growth — the growth of our company, the growth of our employees and the growth of the businesses we serve.

Growing Hartman’s commercial real estate portfolio close to $1 billion is a credit to our commitment to Exceptional Service and Inspired Values. To us, it’s more than just a corporate slogan — it’s a road map that guides each of us through our day and keeps us accountable to our business partners and the customer.

A Commitment to Exceptional Service

Providing Exceptional Service starts with exceptional properties. Hartman reviews more than 600 properties a year for acquisition, but only selects 1% to join the portfolio. We currently own and manage over 59 properties in key markets throughout Texas, including Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

When we acquire a new property, our employees help turn a building into a thriving community, as they bring with them a warmth and friendly attitude. Our maintenance and cleaning crews keep those investments in tip-top shape every day, and every staff member is empowered to address any customer concerns without hesitation.

Our customers enjoy boutique-style service and amenities, with attention to detail that is found only among the most exclusive Class A properties.

Resilience Through Downturn and Disaster

Despite the economic downturns that hit Texas in the 1980s and 1990s, our business continued to grow, and our level of service never wavered. In fact, many properties were acquired at the bottom of the market, allowing us to grow during the recession, while other companies contracted or skimped on core services to stay afloat.

But it’s when tragedy strikes that we shine the brightest.

Hurricanes have battered the Houston area several times since the company’s founding in 1983, and each time Hartman employees spring into action to protect tenant property, Hartman real estate — and most importantly, their fellow employees and customers.

Driven by Values

Our Inspired Values run straight to the core of who we are as individuals, as well as who we are as a company. Despite some employees losing their own homes to flooding, they never lost their faith, spirit or generosity. Hartman employees were seen throughout the impacted area caring for the elderly, feeding the poor and rebuilding their communities from the ground-up.

We are dedicated to upholding biblical principles and honoring God in all that we do. And that translates into a unique leasing experience that only Hartman can provide.