Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a new retail, industrial or office space, Hartman is here to help! Our helpful how-to page offers tips for the entire process to make sure your experience is stress-free.

Considering an Office Move?

Is staying at your current location the best opportunity?

Sometimes staying at your current location can be the best option for your business. Looking at your leasing options may help you save money in your renewal negotiations.

Is a relocation the best fit for your business? Ask yourself:

  • What reasons do you have to consider relocating?
  • Would it help your brand?
  • Would it help your business?
  • Moving costs
  • Operational costs difference
  • Tenant improvement costs- how much does the landlord give for tenant improvement allowance or will you be covering all expenses?

What do you need to think about to plan ahead?

When should you start looking?

You should begin your market research 18-24 months ahead of time.

When should you start planning to move?

Finding the right space and negotiating your lease may take quite a bit of time. Starting the process 12-18 months ahead is essential for being fully prepared to move.

Who needs to be involved in the move?

  • Decision makers that need to be involved
  • HR to support employees through the moving process.
  • IT to ensure easy transitions for all your technology aspects


Consider the future of your business.

Are you growing? Look at your employee statistics in the past 5 years to project your growth.

How will the location of your business affect your customer base?

Do your customers come to your office for your services or is it more off-site services?

How will the location of your business affect your staff?

  • Is it centrally located by most of the employees?
  • Will it affect their drive time?
  • Is it located by most of the staff?

How does your office space fit your overall business plan?

  • How many private offices will you need?
  • Will you need bullpen and cubicles areas?
  • Do you need conference rooms?
  • Will you need storage or filing rooms?

Will your new space be available when you need it?

Timing your move to the space that best fits your business.


What about the Aesthetics of the building?

What the building looks like will reflect on your business.

Does the building office hours match your business hours?

Finding a location with the appropriate office hours will save you non-business hour charges for HVAC?

Building safety and security

What type of security does the property offer?

Surrounding Neighborhoods

How social is your staff and do they require more social areas for meetings?

What are the on-site amenities?

  • Does the building offer lunch options, such as a deli, self-service market, or food trucks?
  • Does the building have a gym?

How can the building showcase your business’s signage?

  • Do they have a place for a monument signage?
  • Do they have signage on the top of the building?

Is the building a green building?

What does it provide for energy efficiency or environmental consideration.