Mission, Vision & Values

We will retain our standing as a top performing REIT by buying commercial real estate that is under performing, creating value by improving the properties and leasing them up. In doing so, grow the company to $2 billion in assets by 2025 and $5 billion by 2030. Through the entire process, we will glorify God by being a faithful steward for all that is entrusted to us.

We deliver exceptional investor returns through an empowered team that provides unparalleled service to tenants in an environment of belonging and purpose.

We create value for investors.
  • Structuring transactions that favor investors and motivate employees to succeed.
  • Creating consistency in yield, safety, and growth so the investor has peace of mind, and expectations are met.
  • Maintain track record of overall yields in the mid teens, with relatively low leverage.
  • Treat Hartman dollars as our own, and work constantly to improve our understanding of how we make money for our investors.
  • Obsessively recognize that profit is our business.
  • Build benefits with tenants to create value so our profit margin is not eroded.
  • Challenge fellow employees to quantify how they are adding value.
  • Understand that Hartman’s profit is a measure of the value created for our customers. Only through creating profits can we bring our vision to reality.


The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.
  • Leaders add value by serving others and by putting others first.
  • The most important ingredient in leadership is to operate with integrity.
  • The true measure of leadership is influence. Leaders influence by connecting with their subordinates and peers, by touching their hearts and finding out what is important to them, and inspiring them to do better work.
  • Leadership effectiveness is measured by how well we develop our most appreciable asset: Our People.
  • Leaders find a way to win by creating buy-in from staff, and creating momentum in the organization.


Play to Win.
  • We are obsessed with performance improvement.
  • We recognize that real success must be measured.
  • We recognize that setting goals creates focus.
  • We recognize that accountability comes from measuring performance.
  • We recognize that sharing goals creates teamwork.
  • We hold ourselves, our peers, and our supervisors accountable.
  • We understand that everyone deserves honest feedback, good or bad.


We care about the customer.
  • Keep the customer you have – it is sacred.
  • Bend over backward to do what the customer wants. Be excellent in problem resolution – whoever gets the problem owns the problem.
  • Empathize when a customer suffers a loss as a result of our product or service and avoid dissatisfied customers.
  • We spend time adding value to the customer’s value rather than just selling to the customer.
  • Our employees respond always 100% on time to customers inquiries. We want our product to be defect free.
  • Most important – Deliver exemplary customer service because you care about the customer.


We are accountable and honor commitments.
  • We create an environment where no “surprises” are allowed. We keep our word at all times.
  • We neither give nor accept excuses, do not make promises we are unable to keep, and meet deadlines all the time.
  • We define our working relationship with Hartman as a contribution toward Hartman’s goals.
  • We acknowledge the impact the quality of our own work and working relationships have on others within Hartman, and beyond, and will work days, nights, and weekends to keep our word.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and accept the outcome of those actions, positive or negative.
  • We model total accountability.
  • Employees understand that propagating rumors leads to destructive behaviors, and they treat such behaviors as unacceptable.


We recognize and celebrate our achievements.
  • We recognize the contribution of others.
  • We look to appreciate others more than to be recognized ourselves.
  • We participate in company activities out of joy, not obligation.
  • We understand that success is meant to be shared.
  • We are always looking for opportunities to recognize our peers publicly.
  • We remember that we took on our professions out of joy, and joy comes from helping others celebrate their success.
  • We recognize that all good things come from God, and that we do all we can to give God the credit for our success, and continue to glorify Him in the process.


We honor God in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with biblical principles.
  • Share God’s blessing with our employees through company sponsored bible studies, chaplain service, discipleship, and prayer.
  • Share God’s blessing by supporting a variety of faith based organizations.
  • To be a faithful steward by assisting the disadvantaged through financial assistance or assisting in service projects to help them.
  • Giving 10% of what we earn to God to support furthering His kingdom.