Hartman: Proven Results

It’s not often that the manager of a billion-dollar portfolio offers his secrets to success for free in a concise MBA-style lecture format. But that’s what Al Hartman has done with Hartman: The Power of Proven Results.

WHY Read this Book?

If you are a business owner who would like to see exponential growth and long-term stability in your own company, this book will help steer your leadership decisions to provide maximum results. And if you are starting a business from the ground-up, this book can be a template for developing a growth-inspired corporate culture that is seen in many successful companies.

Originally envisioned as a live presentation, this book speaks of the tumultuous beginnings of the Hartman company, and explains some of the changes of thought that made the company a leader in real estate investment and management.

Al Hartman ebook

That leadership began at the top. Mr. Hartman embarked on an ambitious plan to implement his ideas through a “one percent vision, 99 percent alignment” management concept that is still in use today. The company constantly hones its mission and vision statements, while upholding their core values and spiritual teachings.

We invite you now to learn in an hour what it took decades to develop and implement at Hartman. When you see your company grow as a result, please consider one of our millions of square feet of office space for lease and grow with us.