Benefits of Shared Desk Space

Traditional offices have worked hard to segregate every employee. Each person is given a desk or a cubicle. In either situation, the person is taken away from others around them and placed into a private place where they are forced to work alone. Some companies spend thousands of dollars each year on offices and desk space that never gets used, and they limit the creativity of their employees by not cultivating an environment where they can collaborate and expand their network.
Thankfully this is all changing with shared desk space. This trend is where people rent a desk space in a large open floor plan or office with many other people. These work spaces can be rented by entrepreneurs or small businesses by the month, week, or even by the day or hour. There are some companies that offer only shared desk spaces and rent them out to people who need them. They offer internet, sometimes computers, lounge areas, cafes, and many styles of work space. They also have general computer items such as printers and copiers.

Shared desk space has become quite a trend recently and it is gaining momentum, especially with start up companies and consultancies. The reasons are simple. First of all, it is more affordable. Traditional leases require a minimum of a twenty four month commitment. The space is often a minimum two hundred square feet and may cost more than companies can afford in early stages of company growth. Many desks that are listed in shared office spaces only cost an average of fifty dollars per week, which can help businesses save thousands of dollars every year. In addition to this, companies that may be under-utilizing their office space and are locked into a lease, can get increased cash by sharing their space.
The second reason for the growth of shared desk spaces is network. Networking makes up eighty seven percent of business in every market. As a result, business cannot afford to lose networking opportunities. Shared office spaces bring companies together and bring their networks together. The chances of getting partnerships or key introductions are increased exponentially when using a shared work space. Within days or weeks some companies can get the new clients or referrals that they need to grow their business.

The third reason why shared desk spaces have become so popular is because of the flexibility they provide. These platforms offer bookings based on the month, week, day, or hour, which makes them ideal for short term projects, business trips, or just the opportunity to get peace of mind. Businesses only have to pay for the number of desks that they want, when they want them. This type of flexibility also means that companies can work in a multitude of places and expand their networks.
The next reason for the growth of shared spaces is collaboration. Innovation and creativity will not happen in a bubble, away from all other employees. But with shared office space, people can bounce their ideas off of other people and gain new insights. They can find people who are likely well versed with the questions at hand.

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