Best Marketing Tricks for Your Business in 2014

Yelp is an essential marketing tool for businesses with an online presence. It was started in 2004 and today continues to serve as a resource for millions of potential customers seeking information about local eateries. Whether your restaurant is brand new or just looking to start a brand new internet presence, yelp should be one of the first tools you use to increase customers.

Why? Yelp has sixty million users who have registered with the site, and twenty million reviews. That makes it a fairly dominant force to be reckoned with. Your restaurant’s Yelp rating value is important. Customers turn to this site to make their decisions

Email marketing is another method you can use to increase your brand loyalty, send alerts such as upcoming deals or specials to customers, and update your customers regarding new items on your menu or new hours of operation.
One of the ways in which you can collect customer data is to hand them a form with their bill, asking about their experience and asking for contact information. When a customer provides you with their email, they are giving you permission to communicate with them. It is your responsibility to do so.

Promoting Your Brand
When you retrieve and collect customer data in any fashion, be it online forms, previous visits, customer data sheets, or third party services, it inexplicably contains their email address. From this you can create an email list. When you use this list to send mass emails, you can customize the template you are using to showcase your restaurant design and logo, thus promoting your brand.

When the holidays come around, you can customize your emails with a holiday theme, while still retaining the restaurant brand. For birthday messages (more about this later) , you can add birthday details in and around your restaurant name and logo.
One of the best aspects to using email marketing is that you can design and send emails in less than 48 hours, offering a faster turnaround time than other channels of marketing.

The use of mobile phones is everywhere and it is growing. Companies that fail to take advantage of this are missing out on the average 81 billion apps that are downloaded each year. Mobile browsing is quickly becoming the fastest way of searching. If a customer is looking for a nice place to eat they are more often than not going to search on their mobile phone. They can search for your Yelp profile or find places that are close to their immediate location at which point you can send coupons to their mobile device.

Mobile coupons are a straightforward, digital way of reaching your customers. Companies can enjoy great success just by sending their subscribers a simple discount or coupon. If your data reveals that Tuesday is a slow day, you can create a mobile coupon that is location based, and send it out for Tuesday-only-specials.

Everyone likes to feel loved. The same is true for customers. They want to feel like you know them, and you care. Going the extra mile can mean a repeat customer for life, which means better profits for your company. Whether you are a big chain or a small mom-and-pop store, try sending a postcard, email, or text on birthdays. If you have your customer’s birthday information, this marketing technique will serve as an extra reminder that you care. As you learn more about new customers, you will start to collect data on them. Their birthday should be one piece of data. You can start sending notifications leading to their birthday, letting them know they will receive a free gift on that special day.

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