Best Way to Save Electricity this Summer

Save Electricity in Your Office this Summer

In order to save electricity this summer your business needs to conduct an audit. An energy audit can be quite useful when it comes to finding areas in which to save. There are many reasons for you to have energy audits for commercial buildings performed. The most basic reason is that the energy audits for commercial buildings work to save your company money. It has never been more important to keep overhead costs to a minimum and now you can reduce your utilities costs. Utilities are often responsible for 30% of your building fees. By conducting energy audits for commercial buildings you can reduce the total energy costs by an average of 25%. This can be a substantial amount for anyone, and in fact, it can mean the difference between staying open and closing your doors for larger businesses.

Energy audits for commercial buildings are a study. They study the energy using equipment in a building and might also view your water consumption. The auditor is an individual who visits the building and interviews the facility managers, and then inspects the air conditioning, water consuming equipment, heating and ventilation equipment, lighting, air compressors, controls, or anything else which may be relevant to your energy consumption. After this, the auditor will make a list of energy conversation measures which could be implemented by your building to reduce the energy consumption and costs.
The auditor can quantify the potential savings for each measure implemented and the costs associated with having to implement them. Certain energy measures will pay for themselves within months while others may take years to start paying for themselves. Some of these changes may result from current utility usage, facility size, type of equipment, equipment usages, lighting, or personnel.

If you receive energy audits for commercial buildings, you can read through the report once it is done, or discuss it with the auditor over the phone before you get started. You may find that your building can save electricity in the lighting systems, heat recovery, HVAC systems and controls, steam systems, compressed air systems, process systems, compressed air systems, electric motors and drives, or renewable energy applications. It may be in the best interest of your building to build envelope upgrades or to switch current utility providers.

Even if the building has previously undergone energy audits for commercial buildings there is still room for improvement to save electricity. If many of the measures were never implemented from the previous energy audits for commercial buildings it may be beneficial to have one more and see what new measures can be constructed immediately, though often only businesses and buildings which have never had an audit will undergo one.

When you opt to conduct energy audits for commercial buildings you have to be careful in your selection. There are many people and companies claiming to be energy auditors but the best way to avoid a disaster with your audit is to look for those who are Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, and have at least ten years of experience.

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