How to Curb Negativity in the Workplace

April 28, 2014

How to Curb Negativity in the Workplace Meeting management is one of the most important aspects to maintaining productivity and curb negativity in the workplace. When employees are more involved in the decision making process they are more likely to work harder to see the goals through to completion and are going to be happier […]


Five Features Every Retail Space Needs

April 23, 2014

Looking for the perfect retail space? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a particular location, but you should always look out for what’s best for your business. Pay attention to these five features and how they relate to your retail store before you jump. Functionality for Customers Consider what features make […]


Great Tips to Keeping Great Employees

April 21, 2014

When you have great employees, you need to keep them. This is critical to the long term success of your company. Managers agree that employee retention is the best way to keep your customers satisfied, increase product sales, keep co-workers satisfied, and keep reporting staff happy. By keeping great employees you can plan effective organizational […]


Best Ways to Deal with Dysfunctional Teams

April 18, 2014

Best Ways to Deal with Dysfunctional Teams Promoting effective team work is one of many areas of responsibility which fall under your professional duty and facing a dysfunctional team can make it difficult. There are several ways to promote an effective inter-personal team. You need to display legislation, regulation, inspection, and organisational requirements by reviewing […]


Best Sales Tricks in 2014

April 16, 2014

Best Sales Tricks for 2014 You may have heard of the “salesperson’s touch” but it is more than just a phrase – it is a powerful tool to clinch sales. It isn’t referring to the broad smile, the sparkling eyes and the machine gun speech that all good salespeople possess. It isn’t something mythical or […]


Time Management Skills To Learn for the Office

April 14, 2014

There are many opportunities to improve time management by utilizing meeting management software for corporations as well as large organizations. The use of meeting management software is designed to aid corporations in terms of how their meeting time is spent, measuring the success of meeting business objectives discussed in meetings, as well as establishing meeting […]


Best Marketing Tricks for Your Business in 2014

April 4, 2014

Yelp is an essential marketing tool for businesses with an online presence. It was started in 2004 and today continues to serve as a resource for millions of potential customers seeking information about local eateries. Whether your restaurant is brand new or just looking to start a brand new internet presence, yelp should be one […]


Seven Things to Look for When Leasing New Retail Space

March 28, 2014

Want to find the best retail space for your store while staying budget friendly? Look for these seven things before you sign any lease. Location The first thing to do is pick a location. Prime location for your retail store is near a high-traffic intersection or shopping center. You are likely to get more traffic […]


Benefits of Shared Desk Space

March 25, 2014

Traditional offices have worked hard to segregate every employee. Each person is given a desk or a cubicle. In either situation, the person is taken away from others around them and placed into a private place where they are forced to work alone. Some companies spend thousands of dollars each year on offices and desk […]


Food Solutions for a Healthy Office

March 17, 2014

Finding Food Solutions the Right Way When you are stocking an office kitchen it is important to keep the shelves and the fridge full of healthy food solutions that won’t break the bank but will also keep employees motivated. Almost every office has a break room or kitchen of some kind in which healthy food […]