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Hartman employees enjoy a variety of perks and benefits including PTO, stock options, and health and life insurance.

We equip our employees to succeed with the best resources and training available.

Hartman understands that success is meant to be shared. We recognize and celebrate the achievements of our employees.

White Glove Service

Hartman is dedicated to creating an environment of service for both the external and internal customer. White glove customer service training are a part of the company’s very structured on-boarding process and taught during orientation at Hartman University. For more than 35 years, Hartman has delivered commercial space for lease with an unparalleled customer experience and a personal touch. At Hartman, we make sure that every guest receives our exemplary customer service.

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Hartman by the Numbers

Over the last 38 years, Hartman Income REIT Management has grown from humble beginnings into a leader in commercial real estate throughout Texas. We currently own and manage over 59 properties in key markets throughout Texas, including Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

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Meet the CEO

Al Hartman is CEO of one of the fastest growing, Texas-based REIT’s and full-service management companies in the state, Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. In 1978, Hartman started his career selling home improvement services door to door. At age 27, he was making money and wanted to learn how to protect his income. He turned to books and learned how real estate can protect and grow his money at the same time.

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Employee Reviews

Hartman is proud of our Glassdoor reviews that showcase our dedication to providing a platform for employees to grow and succeed in their roles. Visit our Glassdoor page and consider leaving a review of your experience working for our company.

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