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At Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc., we believe the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. We also believe in the importance of full integration between personal and professional wellness for our employees to live their best lives.

The benefits available at Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. set us apart from other commercial real estate companies. Learn more about our quarterly bonuses, scholarships, benevolence fund, above-average employer 401k match, and more.

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About the company

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. is a leader in Texas commercial real estate for the last 39 years. The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants based on, color, creed, religion, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, national origin, disability or handicap, or veteran status.

Commercial Real Estate Jobs at Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc.

Develop your career in commercial real estate with Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc.

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. offers commercial real estate jobs that meet applicants in all the different stages of their careers. From introductory jobs like apprenticeship or entry-level to managerial and C-suites roles – our company strives to create an environment where individuals can develop their careers in commercial real estate.

Examples of commercial real estate jobs at Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc.:

  • Building engineers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Property managers
  • Internal & external wholesaler
  • Entry-level leasing
  • Leasing agents
  • Leasing coordinators
  • Attorneys
  • Financial controllers
  • Analysts
  • Marketing professionals

Core Values & Mentorship 

careers and mentorship

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. encourages and supports our employees to learn and grow by investing heavily in developing internal excellence. Our company is proud to have a full-time in-house training staff who are focused on employee development and finding growth opportunities. We equip our employees to succeed with the best resources and tools available.

Our initiatives include new employee company training, orientations, mentorship programs, personal development courses, management and leadership programs, annual career vision mapping, and more.

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Departments at Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc.

As Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. grew and evolved over the years, the firm created a wide variety of departments. Each department requires diverse levels of education, skills, and experience. Through an empowered team, Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. is able to provide unparalleled service to tenants in an environment of belonging and purpose.


Acquisitions Department

Our acquisitions team actively maintains relationships throughout the country with investment sales brokers. The team works their way through each acquisition opportunity by touring the property, revising and updating Argus runs, and interviewing leasing professionals familiar with those locations. The department is also responsible in reviewing capital requirements and conducting upfront due diligence on the condition of the property’s vacancy rate, location, demographics, and achievable rents.


Leasing Department

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. has enjoyed tremendous leasing success over the years due to extensive training, exceptional customer service, attractive pricing options, and an intense focus on customer needs and requirements. Recently we have received a Costar Power Broker Award recognizing our team as a top firm in the United States for the high level of leasing transactions.

Our leasing staff in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio meet virtually each week as a team to discuss performance and expectations and undergo extensive training (role-playing, review of standard operating procedures). The leasing department works closely with the marketing team to advertise available space, generate tenant referrals, and provide context and support for other functions.


Marketing Team

Our marketing team serves a vital role in promoting the business and helping drive our mission forward. As the face of our company, coordinating and producing materials that advertise vacancies at our properties to generate leads for the leasing team is one of the marketing team’s core functions.

With accolades from The American Marketing Association for search engine optimization (SEO) along with being selected as a top team for Influencers in Commercial Real Estate Marketing by, the marketing team is a decorated award-winning department. The marketing team also designs and manages campaigns and initiatives that help our Capital Markets Group raise capital from investors to acquire more buildings and grow our portfolio of properties.

As media liaisons and communications experts, our marketing team is also responsible for crafting content that raises awareness, generates interest, and promotes engagement with our brand.


Property Management Team

Our property management team consists of over 70 team members, including building engineers, day porters, administrative assistants, and property managers who are empowered, trained, and supported to run their properties with excellence.

The VP of Property Management is charged with helping the team develop through regularly scheduled, advanced-level training and five-year career development plans. Managers are paid based on both their actual performance and the performance of their portfolio of properties.

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. promotes the property management team through a rewards system that awards teams for tenant retention and strong Net Promoter Score (NPS) reviews.


Asset Management & Construction

The Asset Management and Construction team is responsible for delivering best-in-class building and tenant improvements while featuring sustainable practices. Our company is a pioneer in the area of efficiency and energy savings and our properties rank among the top 5% of all commercial properties that participate in the BOMA 360 awards program. This program has become a distinguished designation to indicate a building operating at the highest standards of excellence. Many of our properties have won the coveted Energy Star™ designation, which indicates that our buildings save money and reduce emissions through energy efficiency.

Employee testimonials

There are many reasons why our employees chose commercial real estate jobs with Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. Employee benefits, career & company growth, and the family atmosphere set us apart from other companies.

At Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc., we are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our team members. Learn how our company embraces and promotes the personal and professional development of our employees.

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