Recognition & Awards

Hartman’s biggest asset isn’t any of the properties in our $800 million portfolio, but the employees who make this company possible. We take joy in celebrating our successes together as a team, and socializing both in and out of the work environment.

Our goal is to build a team who are dedicated to excellence in their personal and professional lives, and giving back to others at every opportunity.

We value our employees not by the money they make or the power they wield, but by their impact, contribution and purpose toward making the world a better place for everyone.

As such, we recognize and reward excellence, and devotion to the company and our community on a daily, quarterly and annual basis.

Departmental managers create scorecards for each team member, with cash incentives to achieve mutual goals. High score employees are recognized at quarterly company-wide meetings, and annual pay raises are based on the scorecard’s consolidated scores for the year. Depending on the total score, the annual pay raise can range from 0 percent to 20 percent.

A few of our award-winning employees are shown below:

CEO of Excellence Award 2019

Daniel Robinson

3rd Quarter Core Value Hall of Fame Nominees

Shane Cawood, Kimberly Strickland, Elle Anderson, Sullivan Barnes

3rd Quarter Core Value Hall of Fame Winner 

Kimberly Strickland

3rd Quarter Top Producer ISD

Gian Craparo

3rd Quarter Top Producer Leasing

Richard Maloof

3rd Quarter People’s Choice

Devonte Rimmer