Check Out These 2015 Business Trends

Nobody’s criticizing the way you do business. After all, if what you’re doing has brought you success, there’s no reason to stop. However, knowing what others strategies are popular can bring you more customers, motivate your employees, and increase your profits. To that end, Forbes Magazine discusses these 2015 business trends:

  • Enhancing employee work/life balance. Recognizing that an employee that’s satisfied outside of the job will work better, many companies are now coming up with ideas to improve worker lives at home. For example, some businesses allow paid sabbaticals or working on charity events on company time. Recruiters liberally advertise these strategies when looking for new hires.
  • Running role-plays. While bringing in an outside consultant to explain the latest methods to employees is instructive, it does not provide permanent results. On the other hand, setting up business role-plays allows participants to try different methods under stressful but safe conditions. Employees receive benefits that last because they learn by doing.
  • Repelling bad customers. The goal of marketing and advertising is to attract as many customers as possible to a business. But you want the right customers using your products and services. You don’t have the time or patience to spend hours on end tending to one complaining customer who only buys one small item a year. Companies are now determining what clients are not profitable for them and looking for ways to repel them.

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