Commercial Real Estate Tips & Insights Top Three Office Amenities to Increase Employee Happiness


According to The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), there are three office amenities that employees love commonly provided by employers. These amenities not only make your employees happy, but they will also benefit your business in the long run.

  1. Break room: according to the above referenced report, 93 percent of employees enjoy a break room at their job. Providing a break room for your employees is a must have amenity. This allows your employees to relax, and interact with fellow employees on a friendly level.
  2. Multi-purpose space: 72 percent of employees have access to this sort of area. This is a great idea because a multipurpose space can be used for anything the employee needs whether it’s a meeting, a luncheon or quiet time for a phone call. This ensures employees will not be wasting precious time leaving the office to accomplish a certain task for the day.
  3. On-site fitness area: 54 percent of employees reported that they have a fitness area as an amenity. This is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress. Reducing stress is a great way to retain employees that have a high stress position and increase the chances of them staying on long-term with the company.

Finally, providing office amenities is a great way to attract reliable employees and retain the ones that you already have. If you are considering adding office amenities for your employees, make sure to get their opinion of what they would like the most.

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