COVID-19: Business Resources

We have provided some resources that may help your business continue until the national emergency has been lifted and normal operations resume.

Business Resources

  • Business Insurance

Please review your policy to determine if COVID-19 pandemic can be covered.

  • Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)

TDEM has an Economic Injury Worksheet for your business that you can fill out and send to TDEMPARecovery@tdem.texas.gov to help your business survive.

  • Facebook Grants

Facebook announced that they will be giving $100 million to 30,000 small businesses affected by COVID-19. The grant will be about $3,333 to each small business to help them with rent, operational costs or to keep the workforce strong.

  • The Small Business Administration

Texas is not yet listed as eligible for the SBA’s COVID-19 but please use the website as it is bein updated often throughout the day.

a) Click on disasterlaon.sba.gov website

b) Click eligible disaster areas

c) Review the states showing the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

d) Once Texas shows up click on the Incident “Coronavirus (COVID-19)”. It will take you to the declaration details page that you can review the faces and more in-depth information.

e) If your business meets the requirements scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the “3-Step Loan Process” to begin filling out your company’s information.

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