Expanding Your Office Space? Here’s What to Look For


Are you expanding your office? That’s great! Expanding an office is the first sign of a growing company. But it can also be a difficult task. Before you commit to the perfect space, you want to make sure it’s right for you. Here are a few things to look for in your new office space.

Convenience For Clients

If your company is the type that meets with clients in the office, you’ll want to make sure that your clients can get to your office easily. This rules out spaces that are way out-of-town, or up six flights of stairs with no elevator. Make sure your clients can easily get to you.

Ability to Expand

Although you may not quite be looking this far into the future yet, you’ll hopefully have to expand your office again at some point. Although not necessary, it will be very helpful in the future if you find a place that is likely to have more room for you to utilize later on. For example, maybe rent a few rooms or a floor in a larger building that rents multiple floors of office space.

Consider Your Employees

Although we don’t always think of it this way, your employees are just as important as the customers. It’s worth a few extra dollars to keep employees happy and productive rather than forcing them to make unreasonably long commutes every day. In addition to helping with happiness and retention, this can also help you be more efficient and productive on days when there is bad weather, because more employees will be able to make it in to work.

Negotiate Rent and Increases

Of course, you’ll want to negotiate a lower rent initially, but you’ll also want to pay attention to be sure that you work through the expansion process and thinking about the costs of the build out and necessary cost and your landlord can help you with these initial costs by working with you in the lease.

Looking to expand your office space? Let us help make sure that you get the space you need for your business to thrive. Contact us. We can help with anything you need.



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