Finding the Best Office Space: Factors to Consider


Starting a new business, relocating an existing one, or opening a business in a new city or state can prove difficult if you don’t choose the right location. There are certain key elements you should focus on while you search. Consider these three areas for finding a good office space.


No matter what type of business you are operating, you need an office space that is easy to find, enter, park at and exit. If the address of your potential new business isn’t listed in common directories, that’s a good indication that it will be difficult to find, even for locals. When your business is easy to find, you will have more satisfied customers. Sufficient parking is also a necessity. Customers are more likely to frequent a business that has ample parking with wide enough spots to accommodate most vehicles.


Make sure the office space you choose is not in an area where crime is high. It’s impractical to expect customers to visit a business located in a dangerous area. If the location you are considering is safe, check to see if it is a well-lit area at night. Even the safest spots can become crime scenes due to poor or absent lighting. Another concern is construction. Ongoing construction projects near your business location could cause accidental injuries. Finally, avoid areas where flooding is prominent. 


There are so many different types of moods you can create in your office, but the outside environment is completely out of your control. It is imperative to select a location that fits with the type of business you operate to set the standards you wish to create. For instance, if your company caters to customers who live near and enjoy spending time at a lake, having your company situated on that lake will immerse your business into that community.

Finding office space can be a daunting task for a business owner. Fortunately, you don’t have to take on these perils all alone. Here at Hartman, we keep our clients informed about all things concerning office space, such as trends in office buildings. For more tips on what you should consider when finding your ideal business location, contact us. Questions and comments are welcome.


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