First Step in Corporate Leasing: Planning for Your Office Needs


When it comes to leasing the ideal office space, corporate tenants aren’t most often foiled by lack of budget or available properties. Perhaps surprisingly, what gets many of them down is lack of planning.

Planning is crucial to ensure your new space meets your specific business needs, both now and down the line. And it can be a success with help from a solid space plan, a projection of future growth and a knowledgeable agent.

Solid Space Planning

office_planningSpace planning is a specialty enjoyed by many architects, and the practice is gaining popularity as older buildings are being revamped, unfinished interiors are in need of outfitting, and larger office spaces are being segmented into smaller sections. Space planning aims to develop plans and layouts for all your office furniture and equipment.

The process takes numerous elements into consideration, such as:

  • Your company’s organizational structure, relationships and priorities
  • Space allocation constraints
  • Building codes and access for the disabled
  • Furniture standards
  • Workflow and circulation
  • Fixed building elements and building system interfaces
  • Design considerations
  • Security and privacy issues
  • Flexibility to accommodate future space needs

The end result of solid space planning is an ideal office space, and not only in terms of square footage. Your new office space will be designed to support your workflow, use the space most efficiently, and create an atmosphere and image that suits your company.

Future Growth

You’ll note one of the criteria for space planning is flexibility to meet your future needs. Consider how much additional space your company may need in the next three to five years. Or perhaps downsizing is a possibility, in which case less space may be required.

Input from Agent

A knowledgeable agent can help by pointing out considerations that may have otherwise gone unnoted. Floor load capacity, or a need for reinforced floors, is one of them. Special electrical, telecom and technology needs are others.

With the help of a space plan, growth projections and an experienced agent, your company can be more than ready to select the ideal office space that meets your current and future needs.



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