Great Speakers Simple Steps to Speaking

There is no need to make mistakes in front of others, especially in front of employees or potential clients. So follow just a few simple steps to ensure you are becoming a great speaker.

1. Tell them who you are.

Most of the time you have someone to introduce, but that isn’t the same as hearing a little from you. Mention some interesting things about yourself so they look forward to hearing what you have to say.

The audience might know some things about you, but they usually don’t know you personally. This breaks the ice so they can relate to you. This is just something extra to give to the audience so that they see where you are coming from.

2. Give them your contact information.

Don’t just end your presentation with a half second slide with your email address and website, start your presentation with this and end with it. Make the slide 10-15 seconds long so that people are able to write your information down. If you are going to be giving out any documents, add it on to them. This way everyone that is in the audience has your information and can receive more details.

3. Be real.

Audience love when they can relate to the speaker, and they love stories. Most of the best speakers make the audience feel like they are just in a conversation and not having to listen to a presentation. Tell some personal stories to relate to your topic that will help your point come across better.

4. Be entertaining.

Don’t forget that you are not just a speaker, but you want to be an effective speaker. The best way to do this is to keep the audience entertained. If they are focusing on their phones and laptops, then you are wasting your time and theirs. So make it rewarding for both you and them by keeping your topics light and interesting.

People love to listen when they know that it will benefit them in an entertaining way.

5. Be timely

Don’t abuse your time and don’t waste time that isn’t necessary. If it takes you 20 minutes to speak and they told you 30, then stop there. No one wants to listen to you ramble for 10 minutes when it isn’t necessary. Just remember why you are there and what you are trying to accomplish. You aren’t trying to accomplish a speech, you are trying to inform your audience.

6. Connect.

Try to make your audience feel your connection through your personality. Effective speakers make the audience feel like they are the one person that speaker is talking to.

So to sum it up, you want to stay personal and connect with the audience. This way the speech you are giving is effective. Ensure you are being personal and sharing stories that are entertaining.

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