Home Office vs. Renting a Space: Which Way to Go?

February 9, 2016


Starting your own business comes with a big, eternal question: should you work from home or rent out an office space? While there is no right or wrong answer that applies to everyone, there are a number of points to consider for determining the right option for you.

Think about Your Environment

Whether at home or away, your workspace should be quiet, comfortable and accommodate all your needs. So no, your laptop propped up in a noisy, cluttered kitchen usually won’t cut it. Private home offices typically work best, a place you can tune into work and tune out the rest of the household.

Determine Expenses


Renting space in an office building is likely to cost more than working out of your home, but it may not be as expensive as you may think. A number of cost considerations need to be part of the mix. These include:

  1. Heating and cooling costs, as the home heater or air condition will now need to be at comfy levels all day, every day
  2. Premium Internet service, which is the only way to go for business
  3. Professional printer, fax machine, copier and other equipment, which may be available for use in an
    office building

Weigh the Distraction Factors

Wives, husbands, young children and perky puppies can certainly add a lot of excitement to your household. But they can be murder on your concentration levels for work. There are also the neighbors, the TV and the fridge, distractions that can end up calling out to you all day long.

On the flipside, one at-home worker noted how the office isn’t completely distraction-free, either. Chatty coworkers, nearby coffee shops and hallway vending machines can call your name pretty loudly, too.

The Bottom Line

Some people are much more comfortable working in an office space, while others thrive in a home environment. You can give one or the other a try, and always switch if it doesn’t seem to be working. And if you do go for renting a space, know there are tons of affordable, attractive spaces on the market that are designed for high levels of peace, quiet and productivity.