Houston Coronavirus Business Group

Jon Silberman, a Houston real estate executive from NAI Partners has created the Houston Coronavirus Business Group to advocate the reopening of businesses starting May 1st. The goal of the group is to get the economy going again, while still keeping certain precautions in place.

We have included the link to the petition below if you wish to sign it. We have also included the main highlights mentioned in the petition.

Sign the Houston Coronavirus Business Group Petition Here.

The Houston Coronavirus Business Group was formed to provide a strong and united voice to government officials on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of small to medium size businesses and independent contractors in Houston currently being severely affected by the Coronavirus shutdown.

The purpose of this petition is to have businesses open up so the economy can get going again. The petition currently has 220 Houston companies represented with over 10,000 employees/jobs. The goal is to have 1,000 companies sign the petition to safely open businesses back up. The following preventative suggestions are included to ensure the virus doesn’t continue to spread:

-Limit large public gatherings for the month of May

-Require/provide testing for anyone who thinks they have symptoms – or possibly even wider spread testing if available

-Require testing for any person(s) who has knowingly been in contact with someone who has a confirmed case

-Temperate testing and health questioning at certain locations

-14-day quarantine for anyone testing positive

-For people over 65 or those with severe medical conditions, recommendations for those folks to stay home and avoid public contact

-No handshaking

-Encourage hand washing and extra sanitary precautions

-Focus on building additional hospital beds at places like NRG or the Convention Center to accommodate increased needs

-Continue to evaluate and measure results in terms of cases and deaths

Click here to read the letter that will be set to government officials
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