January Letter From Al Hartman

Al HartmanJanuary 31, 2020

Dear Hartman Team Members,

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone is rejuvenated from the holidays and spent quality time with your family and friends. I want to start by thanking each of you for your hard work and dedication over the past year and give accolades to a successful budget season!

2019’s new leasing activity increased our occupancy to 82.56% by leasing over 585,551 square feet last year. The Investment Solutions Division’s sales were over budget for the year. Amazing job team!

Seeing the different departments empower themselves through profound changes this past year by working with the tools they learned has put a new charge of energy in our company this year. With our teams working towards our goal of Exceptional Service, our tenants will benefit, and it will help us move towards our goals of 85% occupancy this year. As we continue to grow our company by raising more through ISD, acquiring new properties, bringing on new team members, and increasing occupancy in our portfolio we keep adding value for our investors. If we work together towards our common goals, we can push ourselves in 2020 to hit all our department goals and get closer to our mission of $2 billion in assets by 2025!

The past few months our human resources and office services department have been vigorously working to improve our internal systems and benefits! I want to thank the team for the countless hours and hard work that they have dedicated to this to ensure we are always serving our internal customers. First, I am proud that we are partnering with a new medical sharing organization, Sedera, this year. As you all heard at the company wide meeting, they offer more affordable rates and have a better and easier process for you as the customer. We will continue to offer a MEC plan, but with a different provider. The company will be able to cover 100% of the MEC and Medical Sharing for all full-time employees. The team has also focused their time to find a system that will consolidate all our software and programs into one single solution. We are partnering with Paycom to offer a better Employee Experience to both candidates applying to jobs, and our current employees. Paycom will consolidate ATS, Onboarding, Offboarding, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Time Off Requests, Learning Management Software, Surveys, Expense Management and some other exciting modules we will announce shortly. This minimizes the number of manual tasks we are doing, from both the employee experience and the HR & Accounting Team. The other major implementation they have worked on is improvements in our scorecard procedures. Scorecard percentages paid out per position have been adjusted! For most people the percentage will increase from 25%-100%, depending on what level you are in.

This past month, my family and I visited India to work with The Elijah Challenge training pastors on the power and authority of Jesus and ministering to non-believers. In total, we had 10 events within 10 days reaching nearly 1300 people. The miracles and blessings poured upon the people of India through the power of Christ is truly a blessing to witness each year. Seeing my family participate in this blessing is also beautiful. My wife Lisa, daughters Charlotte and Margaret, and I all taught lessons and my daughter, Victoria led in praise throughout the events. About 150 people welcomed the Holy Spirit into their lives and received salvation from our Lord and Savior. Nearly 75 people received healing from headaches, oppression, internal pains, and mental anguish. This is a testament to the power and authority of Jesus that is needed across the world and available to each one of you. I encourage each of you to be a testament of Jesus and share your testimony with others. This is powerful and can lead your family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers to the Lord and Savior.

The company wide meeting was spectacular! The brainstorming sessions were invigorating. You tackled many challenging situations and solved many problems., and created vision and goals for yourselves. We hold one another accountable for our individual goals to ensure our success in our company’s goals. Overcoming challenges requires much more than a personal desire or goal. God appoints us with tasks to give us purpose and invigorate us to follow Him for his leadership. He will give us the skills and strength that are necessary to continue in our efforts, overcome our challenges and hit our goals.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. – Proverbs 16:9

God Bless you all and look forward to a spectacular year in 2020! The best is yet to be!


Al Hartman

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