Commercial Retail Space Leasing

Hartman Income REIT is one of Dallas, San Antonio and Houston’s premier property management companies. We have owned and operated commercial office properties since 1983. We not only offer commercial office properties, but also retail space. We offer space in regional strip centers for small to medium sized retail spaces. We specialize in improving the value of commercial retail properties. Whether you are a small nail salon and hair salon owner or a restaurant chain, we have a solution for your space.

Retail Types:

Hartman Retail Space Benefits

Leasing with Hartman Income REIT is the right choice for tenants who want an easy move-in and a smooth start to finish process. Hartman both leases and manages the properties, so when you choose us, we are the only company you have to go through. If you are looking for retail locations in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, choose Hartman Income REIT for the best commercial retail location. We are readily available to fix any issues in a timely manner.