Make Opening Your Business As Productive As Possible


You have found the perfect place for opening a new business and there are things that you know you need to do to ensure that you get started off on the right foot.  Now is the time to think about what you can do to maximize production. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Set rules and limitations on outside interruptions.  Customers find it frustrating to stand at a counter, or at someone’s desk and wait for a personal conversation to end before being helped.  Try to consider everyone’s situation before putting a hard limit on the number of interruptions you’ll allow.  A single parent with kids who are twelve and thirteen may be interrupted more than the person who is fifty-five years old with no children at home.
  2. Lighting matters. Natural light can make a big difference in attitude and productivity.  Too much fake light, especially in the winter when it seems that no one gets enough natural light, can really allow the mind to wander and put a damper on productivity.
  3. Meetings can waste time and kill morale. When you can, spread the news in an email, and if you must have a meeting, do so only with the people actually affected.  It can be soul-sucking to have a one hour meeting when only 10 minutes of that time is pertinent.  Meetings have a place, but often, fewer meetings are actually more beneficial.
  4. Be organized and ensure that employees are organized too. Put people who often share projects and materials near each other.  Make sure employees have relatively neat desks.  These things keep productivity high and time from being wasted.

When opening your business the more work you do to ensure productivity before you open, the less “managing” you have to do afterwards.  Hit the ground running and improve your chances for success.Contact us  to help you find your perfect office space.



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