Office Amenities that Make a Difference

Here’s your office. There is a space for a desk. You are lucky to have a window. That’s it. Water cooler is down the hall. That’s not very attractive by today’s standards. Employees faced with offices like this may end up feeling isolated and uncared for. But anything extra is an office amenity.

To keep quality employees you need to provide a quality workplace environment. If you are leasing office space, you should pay close attention to available amenities. Many office leases can include important amenities without a large increase in cost.

There is nothing more desirable for a commuter than a reserved parking spot. Having parking available will pay off, not only in terms of morale, but in terms of promptness and conformity to important work schedules. Landlords can usually negotiate a number of reserved spaces near the office. Reserved parking is often considered an earned perk that drives productivity.

Better lighting can make a huge difference in the way the workplace feels. Basic offices often have old-fashioned fluorescent light that shines its cold blue-ishness right down on employees. Indirect lighting is much softer and can add a warmer look to the light.

Natural light from windows is one of the best ways to create a pleasant working environment. The old style of office space is to allow only senior managers to have a window. That limits to natural light that gets to the interior of the office where most of your employees work. Floorplans that minimize the private offices where the windows are allow the core office space to be open to the sunlight.

Lunch rooms and break rooms with fridges, microwaves, sinks and seating areas not only make the office more user-friendly, but can also make employees more efficient, not as likely to leave the office for breaks and lunches.

Some office buildings have other amenities such as gyms and saunas which include showers and locker room space. These amenities can pay off by giving employees a chance to use breaks for exercise.

If your leasing office space, we can find you just what you are looking for. Please contact us for more information.

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