Office Space Lease Advantages

February 10, 2014

Office Space Advantages

An office space lease can be advantageous for a small business owner or an entrepreneur, especially when compared to the cost and hassles associated with trying to buy property. Since each company is different and their needs are never the same as another company, it is important to analyze your company’s individual case before making a decision about an office space lease. Your question about whether to buy property or settle for an office space lease might be made for you if you do not have the capital to purchase a large commercial building. However, it is prudent for small businesses and new businesses to take out an office space lease when they are in their early years. This will help new and small companies get on their feet and begin making a profit, at which point they might consider purchasing property.

Until that point, an office space lease offers any new company a lot of flexibility. New companies might be able to benefit from subleasing and office space lease. This means that they are able to take over the tail end of a lease from another company who might be moving out of the state or might be going out of business. If this is the case, a small business might benefit from the lower costs, and not mind so much any necessary improvements. By utilizing the opportunity for subleasing an office space lease you could procure office equipment and furniture from the previous tenants at a discounted rate alongside rent at a rate ten to fifty percent less than the market value which will help any new business get on their feet. An office space lease will be comparatively better than buying property for new businesses in terms of being able to relocate to better areas, or pursue a larger or smaller office space lease which better fits the needs of an expanding company or a decreasing budget.

By optimizing the opportunity for an office space lease, your company will take on fewer responsibilities in terms of managing the property, ensuring security, remodeling, or management issues which is very beneficial for any entrepreneur who already has their hands full getting their business started. An office space lease also provides deductible payments when it comes time to do the taxes for the company. Lease payments are sometimes considered operating expenses. You can utilize the money saved from not having a mortgage and put it into other areas of the business which need assistance. Another benefit to having an office space lease for a small business is the lack of down payment, less tax paperwork and the ability to negotiate rates. If there are lots of real estate properties in the area in which you are choosing, you might be able to arrange for a lower payment on your office space lease. Also, you do not need to make a down payment which is generally comparable to twenty percent of the total balance when you sign an office space lease.