Referrals from Your Customers

January 24, 2014

Most businesses need new customers and the best way to find new customers is by existing customers giving referrals to you. Sometimes receiving referrals isn’t as helpful to your business because they are given by the wrong customers, bad timing for the referrals and even bad referral methods by your company.

There is a way to do it correctly and here are 7 ways to really use the referrals you receive to their full potential. From tenants to lease office space or more customers for your pest control company, referrals are important, so for every business.

1. Reputation of your Customers. When customers are asked to give referrals to a business, their reputation is put out there for your business. This is something that most people take very seriously, because they are endorsing your business and if the customer they referred doesn’t get a satisfactory service, then that gives your customers a bad name. This is extremely important to remember when asking customers for referrals.

2. Don’t Ask First. There is a right time and a wrong time to ask for referrals. Earn your customer’s trust before you ask for a referral, because if you ask too soon, then you are wasting your time. Maybe a month after you service your customer, call them back to ask if they had exemplary service and if they have any referrals. If they were happy with your company, then they are most likely to give you a referral.

3. Define. Don’t just ask for random people to be referred to your company. You will be wasting your time with people that aren’t interested in your services. Define the type of person and the type of customers you are looking for and that would fit the criteria for you services. This way they would have a certain person in mind that fits your description.

4. Say Thank You. This customer has not only used your services, but maybe added customers to your business. Find a way to show them that you appreciate them by giving them a discount for their next visit or a gift from your company.

5. Time to call. Call the referrals and offer them a great deal for being a referral. Mention the person who gave you their name and share the important information.

6. Say Thank You, Again. The customer needs to know that you appreciate their referrals.

7. Make the Sale. If the referral becomes a customer of yours, send a thank you note to the customer who referred them with a gift certificate, coupon, etc. Encourage the source to send more referrals your way if they know anyone else that would be interested in your services.

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