Seven Ways to Start your Day off Better

Make your day better with seven easy tips to keep your mood positive and start your day with optimism. Instead of waiting for your last snooze alarm to go off, get up a little earlier. For most, this is the hardest part. We love to sleep until the last possible second, but in reality you will be more tired if you keep hitting the snooze button rather than getting up. Usually the mornings before work and school are a rush and you are trying to do so much in so little time. When you reach the office you are already ready for 5:00 to go back home.

Let’s try a different morning routine to start your day in the best possible way, so that whatever work brings you, you are in a great mindset. Here are seven tips to try this week to ensure that you start your day off right.

1. Get Ready the Night Before.

There is no need to be rushing around to try to find your keys and wallet, while grabbing a breakfast bar and picking out the perfect shoes. Start your day better by having a nightly to-do list that you will do 15 minutes before bed everyday and keep your morning as stress-free as possible. With just this easy tip, you will save yourself time and you won’t put yourself in a bad mood looking for your keys for 30 minutes before having to sit in traffic.

2. Silence.

Take the first 15 minutes of your morning in silence and stimulate your brain to get ready for the day. Take all the negative that usually comes with the morning and find the positives. Close your eyes and just think of the items that you are wanting to accomplish today and just center yourself and find positivity in what you will be doing. If you already take your time in the morning to pray, this is another way to sit and center yourself.

3. Inspire yourself.

When you get to the office, start your day by opening an inspirational book or read a devotion for five minutes. It is good for the first item that you read or hear in the morning be uplifting and positive to create a positive mood for yourself. This start to your day will keep you going and just motivate you to be the best you can be.

4. Color.

It is proven that when you first wake up color is the best way to keep you in a positive mood. So think of different ways to brighten your morning. If you love flowers, pick up a colorful bouquet once a week and set them in your bathroom, or on your dresser so that you see them when you start your day. Just this little change, can help bring more positivity to your day.

5. Make a Trade.

Most people love their caffeine in the morning, but coffee can sometimes be a little too much for your stomach. Try to start your day off with different drinks that will be better for you in the morning. Green tea is an excellent alternative and will sooth your body and still give you that boost of caffeine. This will have a little less caffeine than your coffee so you might not even have the mid-day crash either.

6. Workout.

Try a positive workout in the mornings when you wake up. This is a great stimulant to help you feel better during the day and to get your body going. When exercising in the morning, your body begins creating endorphins to help your body and mind more alert and positive during the day. Some like yoga or pilates in the morning because they can also help you center yourself and meditate.

7. Schedule a hopeful appointment.

Why start your day off with an appointment you know is going to go badly. Schedule your best and most exciting appointments for first thing in the morning so you are excited about going into the office. Don’t dread going to work, but make it a positive start to your day.

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