Starting a Business and Letting Go of The Guilt


Starting a business is hard enough. Being a parent (especially a mom) and starting a business makes it even more difficult because you are often filled with guilt. You know that you want to provide for your children and show them that you have to work hard in life to get what you want. However, you may miss certain things in their life, causing you to be filled with guilt. It takes a delicate balance and still you may be filled with guilt.

Here are some tips to help you let go of the guilt as you start your business.

  • Remember why you are doing what you are doing. It is important that you always remember that you are starting a business for your family. You want to provide for them. You want to show them what they can achieve with some hard work. You are working on your business for them. Maybe you even hope to hand it down to them one day!
  • Be sure to make your moments together count. Even as a busy business owner, you need to make sure that you take time every day for your family. Then, instead of being preoccupied, you need to live in the moment and really enjoy those moments. You deserve time with your family. You work hard enough so that you can enjoy them.

Parenting brings enough guilt. Add in a business and lots of work and you might be struggling with how much guilt you are carrying around. It is time to let go of the guilt and enjoy your children. Work hard when you are there and enjoy your time with your family when you are home!

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