Steps to Keep You Safe As You Return To Work

Welcome Back Tenants!

We truly appreciate our close partnerships and for you allowing us to be your first line of defense. The Hartman Team remains dedicated to doing everything possible to support you, your business and your employees as we get back to work.

We recommend you start preparing your “return to workplace” plan. As communities prepare to lift “shelter in place” rules across the country, businesses will need to open up again and be ready for the return of employees to the workplace. But without a cure or vaccine for COVID-19, preventing further exposure and transmission will continue to be essential. We don’t know what the “new normal” might look like, but we do know that occupants of buildings and facilities alike are deeply concerned about their safety and keeping their families healthy when they return home each night.

That means the time is now to assess and plan for how to ensure a more secure environment and have the comfort of knowing that your business, assets, and lives are safe.  Many customers have asked us to share best practices, guidance and tools during this crisis to help them provide a safe, virus free environment.

This guidance includes:

  • Risk mitigation planning and resources to support your “return to workplace” strategy.
  • Best practices on workplace signage, employee and visitor traffic flow and disinfection.
  • Temperature pre-screening services for occupants entering your property tailored to your unique facility.
  • Written plans for telecommuting and notification for positive COVID-19 test results.

We are also doing our part to make sure you and your employees feel safe as you return to work. We have put in place several cleaning and sanitation measures to keep our buildings as germ free as possible. Our preventative steps include:

  • Cleaning surfaces, doorknobs, handrails and touchscreens multiple times a day with anti-bacterial chemicals
  • Additional cleaning cycles to prevent the spread of germs
  • Hand sanitizer stands at most elevator doors and entrances (*some stands have been back-ordered)
  • Tenant Lounges and Bathrooms cleaned 3 times per day
  • Disinfectant wipes and sprays located at security stands
  • Providing “welcome back” bags

We would also like to address how we will be following social distancing protocols given to us by the state of Texas. This includes:

  • Social distancing reminder signs will be posted throughout the building, including entrances, elevators and common areas
  • Tenant lounges, conference rooms, and pantries will reopen, however, game tables will not be returned until Phase II of the opening process. The expected start date for Phase II is May 18th as of now.
  • Exercise facilities, locker rooms and saunas will remain closed until the state recommends reopening. May 18th is the expected reopening date as of now.
  • Hartman employees have been provided masks and will abide by the wishes of the tenant before entering spaces. If you prefer our employees wear a mask in your suite, please let them know and they will be happy to accommodate your request.

We have educated Team Hartman on the precautions of spreading the virus and supplied them with additional supplies such as hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and sanitizing spray. We have encouraged any team members that are not feeling well or experiencing any symptoms to stay home and take advantage of our PTO and work from home policy. We look forward to seeing you all back at work very soon!


We have also included The Governor’s Report to Open Texas below. This guide covers guidelines, medical reports, health protocols, information about increased testing, and steps to open Texas businesses.

The Governor’s Report to Open Texas

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