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Keeping Texas Safe – Can-Am Wireless Tenant Spotlight

Companies like Can-Am Wireless, LLC, based in Irving, Texas, have put their heads together to develop technologies that can ensure that employees and patrons stay safe. Can-Am Wireless, in particular, has invented a temperature screening kiosk that can be positioned at the entrance of medical centers and other businesses to monitor body temperature. With the coronavirus ...

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Hartman Focuses On Tenant Success during COVID-19

From hurricanes to tornadoes, the staff of Houston-based Hartman Income REIT (HI-REIT) has learned to weather just about any storm. But the one that hit in early 2020 was unlike anything the company had seen in its 35 years. As covid-19 spread from one part of the world to another, Hartman leadership kept an eye on the headlines. “We knew stay-at-home orders could tak ...

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