Tips When Looking to Lease Office Space

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to relocate an existing business you will need to find adequate office space. How to locate what is right for the needs of your business is important. Consider the following tips when leasing office space.

Find a Property Management Company with History

Obviously you are planning on having a successful business. Once you find a place to lease you may want to stay for numerous years. Therefore you will want to work with a property management company that has been around awhile and has a long term future. Not only will a property management company with a long history have experience that you will find beneficial they will also provide stability for your business.

Determine Required Space

To narrow down your search of office space options really consider how much square footage you need. Think about the size of your business currently and your growth plan. You want something that fits your current budget needs but also allows you the opportunity to grow in the near future without having to relocate.

Energy Efficiency

Consider the energy efficiency of the building you are leasing. The cost of energy is significant and you will want to to minimize energy expense as much as possible. Leasing an energy efficient space will help keep your costs down.


Of course location needs to be a priority. Customers need to be able to locate your business, traffic flow needs to be smooth and the building needs to be customer friendly. If any of these three items are not considered it will negatively impact your business.

If you are looking to lease office space in Houston and Dallas consider Hartman! With energy efficient buildings that are strategically located you will find our properties are right for you business. Our 30 years of experience will allow us to help you meet your needs. Contact us for additional information.

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