Use All Your Talent: Four Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income

December 23, 2015


MultipleIncomeStreamsDo you work your butt off to find after paying bills and setting aside emergency savings, you’re lucky if you can afford to go out on the weekend? Have you found yourself working overtime just to pay for simplicities like a new straightener because yours kicked the bucket, the latest Lego story from your child’s book fair, and surprising your husband with a new leather jacket he’s been dropping hints about for his birthday? Traditionally, people believe working a 9-5 job is the only way to earn a living; this idea has led so many to push aside their goals. But you have dreams you just can’t shake, you have a fire in your eyes, and a passion for your talent. You also have an extreme desire to do more than make ends meet with your income. These thoughts are the kindling to getting there; but what comes next? Opening your mind to creating multiple streams of income. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Here are four tips anyone can use to get started.

1.) Have a backup plan. If you’re in the process of switching careers, don’t rush to quit your current job. Having a definite paycheck will save you from financial struggles during the process. If you don’t see yourself able to handle starting up your own business and working a full-time job, opt for a part-time position. Once you are stable in your new business, you can arrange your leave.

2.) Find more clients. Having a single, loyal client is a good thing in some ways; it shows you’re doing something right and you have money in your wallet. But if something comes up or there’s no business made for a certain amount of time, you’re broke. Reaching out to new clients or even asking your current client to spread the word insures that you’ll always have money coming in from one source or another.

3.) Start a blog. Blogging is a surefire way to get attention from outside sources; everyone loves a good blog. You don’t necessarily have to post about your business, but you can draw people in by writing about relative topics. Where’s the real money come in here? If you’re not advertising your business on your blog, you can sign up with affiliate marketing sites.

4.) Teach others your expertise. Have you wondered how many people share your dream and wish more than anything to thrive in such an industry? Knowing your talent inside and out can earn you more cash than just your regular practice. Going the distance to publish an e-book or set up classes to teach others the basics and beyond are great ways to increase your income.

You could gain more from starting your business than just the benefits within your tunnel vision, so hold to the driven thoughts you have on accomplishing more, don’t give up on your goals, and remain motivated. Anything is possible.