Want the Coolest Office Space? It’s About Imagination!

It’s no secret that comfortable surroundings, healthy indoor air quality and freedom to be themselves make for not only productive employees but happy ones. Happy people tend to stay with a company if they have the coolest office space ever in which to work. Top brands with next to no turnover have proven this with the most amazing offices. Take Google’s office, for example. No one will argue that being the number one search engine takes intuition, imagination, daring and a heckuva business savvy. In what kind of surroundings are these things fostered? In the kind of surroundings housing two swimming pools for stress control, walls with back-to-the-drawing-board doodles for ideas, employee lounges with pool tables, restaurants cooking gourmet meals, sports areas and fitness rooms and the list goes on. So what are your ideas for turning your office into the coolest in Dallas?


Stress is known to curtail creativity, dull the intellect and a few more nasty physical effects. In what surroundings do people relax and de-stress? You might put in a living room with comfy couches, reclining chairs, music and innovative lighting. Warm colors make people comfortable, while jazzy colors and playful designs will give your employees an aura in which to create. Other folks are more productive seated in a fifties diner setting. Get yourself some tables and banquettes, pictures of James Dean and Elvis on the walls, hire someone to flip burgers and install a jukebox with 50s and 60s music on it. Perhaps a garden on the roof would be a great place to relax and get some work done. Don’t have access to the roof? Create a spectacular garden in your office.


What sets your imagination on fire? Does a Playskool sort of area do it for you? How about a major game room or a Star Trek holodeck? Build an office out of Legos, make it round, install all the games you can buy, build a starship Enterprise, make your office out of stuffed animals or out of chocolate. Whatever fosters the imagination, install it. If it clues someone in, build it. If it’s fun and your employees think better, do it.


You work hard to grow your brand, advance your product or service and evolve into the kind of business that takes many things seriously like charities and world hunger. All that work, pressure and stress will cause you and your employees to burn out. Before it happens, catch a nap. Where? In the part of the office with a waterfall, the rushing sound of ocean waves hitting shore, the rustle of the trees in the mountains or the quiet of the country. Need more than just a nap? You may need two or three floors for this, but you could make the seashore part of the office. Build some mountains, put in some cliffs, use pine trees complete with that one-of-a-kind scent and put in some sand to sun on. Give your employees a chance to unwind and tune out for a bit before they get back to growing brands and advancing products and services.

Can’t wait to start painting, importing trees, building swimming pools and looking into Legos? We’d love to hear your ideas, so contact us for the perfect office.

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