What Office Amenities Make a Space Ideal for Your Business?

When relocating your office or starting a new business, an important dimension to consider is the office amenities available in that space. Many factors should affect your decision. How many employees will be working in this space? What amenities would make the setting more comfortable for them? Do you need a storefront, warehouse space, or simply an environment for office employees that have no customer interaction? Does the location provide you with adequate local conveniences such as restaurants, public transportation, etc.? Use this guide to help you find the perfect office amenities.

  • CONSIDER A KITCHEN  Having a kitchen in your facility will be a fringe benefit that your employees will appreciate. Stock the kitchen with vending machines, a refrigerator, and a microwave to allow employees to bring their lunch and sit in a quiet place to enjoy it. Have coffee pots steaming all day long to help keep everyone alert and content.
  • BATHROOMS  Ensure that the number of bathrooms available are adequate for the number of employees you have. This will prevent awkward situations and lost productivity waiting for the bathroom to open up.
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTING  Will everyone feel safe walking to and from their car? Make sure the parking lot is well-lit. If you have a large business you should consider contracting with a security service to monitor the lot.
  • SURROUNDING AREA  Consider your surroundings when choosing a home for your company. Are there local restaurants or shopping areas close enough for lunch hour? What other businesses are located in the area that will make your employees happy to work in your office due to the conveniences around them? If you are in a large city, is the space close to public transportation?
  • SPACE  The square footage you will need depends upon two factors: the number of employees and the type of business. Working in a tight cubicle versus having space to breathe can be more productive for your employees. If you have a retail company, you want the customers to not feel crowded as they walk through your store. The more comfortable they are, the longer they might stay and shop.

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