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Hartman is one of Dallas and Houston's premier property management companies. If you are leasing in Houston or Dallas or wanting to start your new business office, call us today. Hartman has owned and operated commercial office properties since 1984, and we offer premium office space at an affordable price. With nearly 30 years in commercial leasing in Houston and Dallas, we have learned exactly what our customers require. Whether you need 1000 sq. ft. of office space or 10,000 sq. ft of office space, we have the right office space to meet your needs. Leasing in Houston and Dallas is easy with our commercial buildings strategically located to enhance traffic flow and to help you grow your business. Our buildings are energy efficient, customer friendly and are manned by an expert Hartman property management team that is on-site and ready to assist your needs.


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hi-reit_checklist_bookletYou've made the decision to evaluate your office lease. Whether you want to renegotiate your current contract or move offices altogether, this checklist will answer all your questions.

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