Design an Office Space Promoting Creativity and Productivity

June 5, 2015

Once you have completed the process of locating the perfect office space, it is time to consider how you will design this space. You and your employees will be spending a lot of time in this space, so you want it to be conducive to your needs. For many businesses, creativity is a priority. Productivity is a key in every business. There are several things you can do to promote creativity and productivity within your office space.

The majority of our work today is executed digitally. It is helpful to connect people physically as well. One way to do this is by furnishing your office with wooden items that are present in every part of the office. This connects each room and makes people feel more closely connected. It brings in natural energy and helps the creative juices flow. Another way to connect people is to have a little corner or area with only a few comfortable chairs and a small table. Rather than always being in a large meeting room, people can sit in close proximity, comfortably and discuss matters.

To make employees feel more a part of the office, create a character wall. Each employee chooses a character that inspires them and places a picture or item on a shelf representing that character. This is a wonderful conversation starter. It will encourage employees to interact with each other and clients.

If your business is extremely reliant on creativity, a play-room is a nice addition to an office. Fill this room with bright colors, toys, and even video games. This is a room specifically designed to encourage play and creativity. Include plenty of comfortable chairs and tables so employees have everything they need to get their imaginative juices flowing.

Having a small library in the office gives everyone a place to read and unwind. Stock the library with books about your industry and books on topics outside of your industry. Workdays can become tense, and a space like this allows people to relax. You could even have light classical music playing or bring in a piano if you really want to make your library special.

A unique way to keep meetings short is to make meeting rooms uncomfortable. This may seem odd, but it works. If you design your meeting rooms in a way that makes people want to leave quickly, you will not waste time in meetings. Of course, meetings are important, but we have all experienced those meetings that just seem never-ending. Put a stop to those and keep productivity rolling by making your meeting rooms a bit uncomfortable. Simply adding cramped chairs and some harsh lighting will encourage people to get out quickly.

Finding the right office space to fit your needs is top priority. However, designing that space is just as important. Creating a space that promotes creativity and productivity will greatly improve your overall business.

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