Design Your Office Space to Improve Engagement and Creativity

So you’ve found the perfect office space which will fit all your employees.  It’s in a location that everyone can get to easily—employees as well as clients.  Another plus is that you also find it affordable.  You might think that, at this point, you don’t have to worry about office space anymore.  However, there’s one important step still remaining to be completed i.e., interior decoration. The way in which you do up your office can make all the difference to employee morale and company culture. Even an office space which has “good bones” may not be that conducive to employee engagement and creativity if it isn’t done up in the right way.  Or you can transform an ordinary office space into the perfect one with just a few touches.  Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Original Artwork.  Rather than the usual Monet or Van Gogh prints, you could get a funny mural on one wall.  Humor always promotes employee engagement.  Plus, there’s something more immediate about putting up an original work of art rather than a print.  It doesn’t matter if that work of art is something you bought from the street or from a well-known gallery.  If you believe that it’s a good work of art, it will prompt new ideas and greater productivity.
  • Aquarium.  The sight of brightly-colored fish is eye-catching but not too distracting to workers.  Whereas bright, moving lights can create anxiety or give workers a headache, the slow movement of fish in a natural type of setting can be relaxing.  Add a beach-themed mural on the wall and paint your walls light blue or light green to complete the oceanic theme.  Letting in a lot of light with tall windows will also add to the beachy mood.
  • Light.  It’s always nice for employees to have a lot of light in their work space.  Human bodies aren’t meant to be cooped up in one room all day long.  They’ve evolved for the hunting-gathering lifestyle because human beings were cavemen for a very long time.  Fortunately, you can fool the body into thinking that it’s outdoors by letting in as much light as possible.  If possible, get an office space with larger windows.  Make sure that you don’t cover these up with heavy blinds or curtains.  If there’s too much light, you can go for lighter curtains instead.
  • Cubicles.  Everybody needs a work space.  Most of the time, offices consist of separate cubicles for workers.  However, these cubicles don’t have to be cramped and boring.  You can get a variety of cubicles these days, some of which might even be two or three-sided instead of four, giving a greater feeling of movement and allowing employees to communicate more freely.  Get cubicles in brighter colors than the usual beige or grey and you’ll definitely be promoting employee engagement in your organization.

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