Five Notable Office Buildings in Texas

You know the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” You may or may not agree, but there are definitely some large, beautiful, and interesting office buildings throughout the state. Finding the right office space for your company can take some time and dedication to the subject. There are few things better than feeling at home when you are actually at work, and that is why it will be worth it. From Dallas to Austin to Houston, here is some information about five of the biggest office buildings in Texas. These office buildings have made a name for themselves in Texas for their unique personality and appearance.

Bank of America Plaza

This skyscraper is the biggest on the downtown Dallas horizon with 72 floors. At night, the edges of this unique building are lit with green LED lights. Rental space on each floor offers 16 corner offices. The building has easy elevator access, which gets you to a floor fast especially when you are located anywhere past the first few floors!

Renaissance Tower

Welcome to one of the trendiest buildings in downtown Dallas. This building is notable because of the double ‘x’ lighting features and the bright spires on top of the roof. It is considered a Dallas landmark and it is common for professionals who work in the downtown area to meet here for lunch because of the diverse selection in its food court.

JPMorgan Chase Tower

Brace yourself; this is the tallest office building in the state. Located in Houston, this tower is gray, polished granite with stainless steel and gray glass. There are 75 floors and, believe it or not, only one part of the first floor is dedicated to JPMorgan Chase bank. This is undoubtedly the most noticeable building on the Houston skyline.

Two Galleria Tower

The Galleria Mall is attached to this building and offers convenience and a hint of luxury. It has a view of the skyline from some parts of the building, and there are also restaurants, hotels, and shopping close by.

Frost Bank Tower

This Austin building is impressive with distinct pointed pyramid-shaped architecture on the roof. The module-style construction makes the tower look like something you could build with blocks. It was the first high-rise built after the 9/11 attacks. This tower houses many commercial offices, as well as shopping and parking accommodations. There are many amenities that provide modern conveniences to employees, visitors, and shoppers.

There you have it: five notable office buildings in Texas. There are many advantages of choosing to lease a commercial office space. The views, amenities, nearby hotels and eateries, just to name a few, provide many options to consider. In the end, it’s all about what is most suitable for your clientele, employees, and what fits with your priorities for space and accommodations.

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