Leasing Office Space: Common Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes every now and then, even though most of us do not want to admit it. Mistakes are all part of the life that we live; no one is perfect. When mistakes are made when it comes to leasing office space, those mistakes can be quite costly. The mistakes could end up costing you large amounts of dollars. Here are a few common mistakes that many tenants make when they are looking for office space to lease. When you are aware of certain mistakes, you will improve your chances of minimizing the mistakes.

No Planning

You may be surprised with the number of tenant who jump into a situation that they are unfamiliar with. Many tenants are unsure about what it is they really need. If you are only looking at properties that are eight thousand square feet but you actually need ten thousand square feet, you have created a big problem. You can use the services of an architect to help you determine the size of space you may need.


Basing Your Decision On Just The Price

More and more businesses are basing their leasing decision on the price of the office space. However, it is really important to understand other things that also play a big factor on where to open your business. If price is the only factor that you consider, it may come back to bite you where it really hurts.

Here are other office leasing questions that you should consider when it comes to choosing your future office space:

  • The location
  • Are there any amenities nearby?
  • Will you have a nice flow of traffic from a variety of potential customers?
  • Will the commute pattern be reasonable for you?
  • Will the location of your business allow you to recruit potential employees?
  • Will it be easy for you to expand your business when the time comes?

When it comes to leasing space, you do not want to make the mistakes of not giving yourself enough time. The whole process can take up to 6 months to a full year depending on your needs. If you are looking for office space, you do not have to do it on your own. Contact us to gain an advantage in the market.

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