Looking for an Office Space: How Much Do You Really Need?

October 8, 2015


Have you outgrown your home office? Maybe you never had a home office but you decided to rent an office space when you start your business. However, once you started looking for an office space, you decided that you really have no idea how much space you really need for your business. So, how much square footage do you really need?

Here are some tips to help!

  • People. How many people are going to be in the office with you? You should plan to give yourself two to three hundred square feet (or more). Most employees generally need between one to two hundred square feet, depending on their job.
  • Reception area and conference rooms. Are you going to be meeting clients at your office? Plan on room for a reception area and conference rooms.
  • Other office work areas. Don’t forget about other important areas like a file area, storage, and a library. You may need other rooms, depending on your business. If you have employees, they are going to need a break room.
  • Plan on growth. It is important to plan for growth because you are going to have to sign a lease for the next few years. Many leases are two or five years. It is going to cost a lot more to break a lease because you need to move into a bigger office than to pay a little more now.

It is important to determine what you need in an office. How many people are going to work in your office? Then, think about what types of rooms you need for entertaining clients. Also, you can’t forget work areas to store your files and books. Then, be sure to plan ahead for growth. It can be very expensive to break a lease so you should avoid that at all cost!

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