Must Ask Questions when Touring Office Space

What are Must Ask Questions when Touring Office Space

When you are touring a potential office space, there are a few key questions you must ask. Your tour counts as your due diligence tour so it is imperative that you get all of the questions out during this time.

The first question is who your neighbors are. Look at the building directory before you sign the lease. After signing the lease get to know the people above and below you. You never know when you will need this information. Perhaps a few months from now you will need to run cables through the ceiling below you. It is nice to give a heads up when work is being performed overtime or off hours because these things can affect costs.

Ask the leasing agent whether there have been any issues with lead, asbestos, or vermin. Ask the potential landlord to give information on the power, data, and telephony routing. You should make sure that you have enough capacity for your needs.

Ask about the condition of the windows. Older windows may need you to boost your heating system. If the building you are considering is LEED certified, and your windows are new, this may make it easier for your rental space to be LEED certified.

Finally, ask about whether the location will work with your strategy. Make sure it meshes physically and aesthetically with your company and client needs. Check on the zoning documents too, ensuring that your building is up to code and that you won’t incur any fees or punishment because of a zoning or code issue. Finally, make sure the place feels right!

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