Reasons People are Moving to Texas

Reasons Why People are Moving To Texas

It seems that Texas is quickly becoming the place to be for the middle class, especially those who value freedom and great education. People from all manner of states are making their way over, and for good reason. Texas has a low ratio of takers compared to makers. This means that there is a low amount of welfare recipients compared to private employees, thereby affording residents better controlled salaries and lower welfare costs. Texas is also a popular destination for relocation due to the fact that there are no corporate income taxes or personal income taxes. Property taxes are higher, but the cost of property is lower compared to other states. There is a state sales tax based on the county and city, but this can easily be avoided by purchasing big ticket things on the internet.

In Texas there are many low wage jobs, but there is also a corresponding low cost of living. Health care costs, food costs, and rent costs all are lower than other states. Because Texas has lighter business regulations, starting up and running a company costs less. This is particularly beneficial for those who can run their company remotely. Real estate in Texas is also cheaper because Texas is just so large and therefore has more land available. Out of state residents can make quite a killing by selling their properties in other states and moving to Texas. Middle class residents are able to find many affordable homes in Texas.

This state enjoys low unemployment rates which are what helps many new companies in the area who bring new jobs. Texas also has some unions, like all states, but they are weaker than other states. You can join a union if you want to, but you won’t be forced to. If you don’t want to be forced to join one, Texas is the place for you.

The education system is also strong in Texas. Disadvantaged and minority students are taken care of, enjoying high graduation rates. There are also world-class colleges throughout the state. If you prefer home schooling, Texas allows that. And on the note of schools and people, the people in Texas are quite friendly. They are much more down to earth than the people one would find in other states. The large cities scattered throughout the state are very diverse too. And of course, this gun-slinging state has quite a bit of respect for the second amendment. You can buy a firearm without a permit or a license in this state. You don’t even need a permit to carry concealed handguns.

The seasons are also nice, particularly for individuals who are not fans of the long winter snow. Snow rarely shows itself in Texas. If it does, it is quite rare compared to places such as the East Coast. Overall, Texas is an incredibly sound place to live and it seems more and more people are taking note of that fact, packing up their things, selling their homes, and starting over in the Lone Star State.

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